How do you make a tissue dance?

Put a bit of boooooogie in it baby!!!!!!  Kind of like this:

Crazy Moooo Dance!

Okay enough of the cheese. Do you like funky, clean-cut, logical, big budget, well thought out media campaigns? What about knowing the exact number of page views, hits and impressions that you’ll get from your advert? Yes?…well sorry….We don’t do that, no standard stuff here…well okay maybe we do a few banner ads here and there…but that’s just to pay the bills! What we do offer though is something intangible – its social, its viral, it’s real, it’s invigorating, it’s conversation creating! YouTube, Photos, Podcasts, Blogposts – you get it?

Whatever your concept, however wild, wacky, wonderful or controversial it is, all you need to do is involve us so that we can help create a conversation! It will cost you though – not an arm-and -a- leg cost you but more like a free all-you-can-eat lunch, expenses and time covered. We’ll never say no to free spa treatments either…or any other free vouchers, plane tickets or safari trips.

Strategy is easy

  1. Think of a Marvellous Concept
  2. Get us involved
  3. Get us talking about it & blogging about it
  4. Result: A conversation about your brand

Although not South African, this is the best example we could find to illustrate how to:

  1. Create conversation
  2. Make people laugh
  3. Get people excited

Funky T-Mobile Dance

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