We are an enthusiastic, energetic and sometimes delusional, semi-psychotic bunch of Saffas that are quite simply passionate about South Africa! We started Phuthu as a fun site where we could share our thoughts, sudden epiphanies, delusional ideas, unadulterated opinions as well as laugh and cry with fellow Saffas, wherever in the world they may be. Mainly we try and cover the good stuff though, the news, the events, the people, places and opportunities. But where there is kak, and we all know, as in any country, there will be kak, we try and get some perspective on that kak and express our silent inner monologue!

We want Saffas to feel proud and positive about SA and excited about the wealth of opportunity that lies here. We want to make “doubtful” South Africans realise that this country is AMAZING, okay it is not Lala Land but then again neither is Sheep Country! South Africa is exciting, it has chemistry, magic and rhythm, yeah baby! This is one of the best countries in the world to live – So Stay Phut! Don’t Go!


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