The car has stopped.
We’re home.
We probably should get out.
I unbuckle you instead.
I grab you under your resting arms
and haul you over onto my chest.

Lie with me for just a minute baby.
Mamma’s not rushing anywhere.
Let me straddle my lips on the bridge of your nose
and snuggle my face against the buds of your blooming cheeks.

Let me smell your ears and the nape of your neck
and soak up your fleeting days of babyhood.
Oh, it’s too painfully sweet.

The dance of sun and moon tick too fast.
It was just dawn but now, it’s dusk.
The hours inching you away and out of my grasp.

So lie with me for one more minute baby.
Mamma’s not rushing anywhere.
Let me hold you closer than yesterday
and feel the weight of your body in my arms.

I’ll stroke your forehead until you wake
and sing the tune that calms your thought.
I’ll run my fingertips through those whitewashed locks
and kiss you at least a thousand more times.

Lie with me one more minute baby.
Mamma’s not going anywhere.
Let’s just be still.
We don’t have to say anything.
Just one more minute baby.
You and me.


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