That time of year has come and gone already and I’ve found myself repeating night after night, I must post Tom’s party pics, I must post those party pics.

I finally found a gap! :)

So here we are, Tom’s Vintage Train Party…

Grab yourself aTrain Ticket….

train tickets

train sign

My little station master is 3 already! Three years olds LOVE trains. and chocolate cake.

all aboard

railway crossing

Are you ready?

Firstly. There was so much yummy food!
How cute are these “coal pops?”

thomas coal pops and train

No really. How cute are these coal pops? They even have a slight shimmer!!! I’m telling you.

coal pops lantern

Railroad crossings….or aeroplanes according to Thomas.

railway crossing biscuits

train tracks

Tadaaaa. Cupcakes by yours truly. :)

train cupcake toppers

I did provide some healthy food.Like these cheese carriages…

Cheese carriages

And this cargo of cheese blocks.

And that was it.


Cheese Train

These could be considered healthy? A bit of coconut roughage? Maybe?

coconut clusters


Jem whipped this cardboard train up an hour before the party!!

toms cardboard train

It was a huge hit as you can see!

Thomas and Erin Train

What’s a train party without a train cake?

train cake

Well this has to be my favourite photo! It captures the super special bond between these two beautiful souls.

Tom with dad and candles

The cake was a hit too. As Will will attest. :)

Toms Vintage Train Party-5062

Don’t forget the train (and truck and Land Rover) workshop!

toms train workshop2

Oh Hello Birthday Boy! (Spot Will eating a sucker in the background. Bless)

Thomas blue tongue

Before leaving, you better cool down a bit…

cooling station

And make sure you catch the correct train.

Green Chalkboard

Pack some padkos….

steam wheels

And don’t forget to take your luggage either!

baggage claim

And always, always, watch for trains..

watch for trains

happy birthday banner

Happy 3rd Birthday our precious little conductor Thomas. The journey has been spectacular thus far. Let’s carry on with the fun and adventure and we’ll stop again at Station 4!

The biggest choo choo hugs and loves, Mom and Dad Xxx

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