This is actually a two-in-one post.


Firstly, its a mini adventure on our list and its also a very auspicious occasion. Its our girl Myrtyl’s 40th birthday. She was born in 1973 and became mine in 2011. After 2 years of going through all her mechanicals she is now been declared fit to travel.


So we took her out for her birthday.

Valley mertyl-0772


She is still as beautiful and as capable as the day she was born. She is my “happy car” Everybody loves her. I’ve never experienced so may “waves”, hellos”, “smiles” and “nice cars” as I have when i drive her. She is probably the best car I have ever owned…(and there have been a few!)


But best of all, the phuthu clan love her. The boys are always wanting to go somewhere in her..

Valley mertyl-0690


Its actually remarkable what a 40 year old piece of automotive technology can do….


So anyway, we headed down to the valley of 1000 hills and headed up the Mekelekele river bed in search of a nice spot to make lunch. We eventually found a lovely flat granite rock next to the river.

Valley mertyl-0774


With no help from boy scouts training, I made a small fire (ok I used firelighters and briquettes)

Valley mertyl-0709 Valley mertyl-0753


My old friend Gordie tagged along with mini Gordie, his nephew bringing along his hungry mutts.

Valley mertyl-0761 Valley mertyl-0708


The mutts actually provided Big Will with a load of entertainment.

Valley mertyl-0741


Everyone enjoyed their time outside, the boys got dirty and the boys got a taste of marshmallows on the fire. Big Will created his own special sand encrusted version.

Valley mertyl-0771-2Valley mertyl-0767


We all had a lovely afternoon and eventually it was time to leave, but not without some sweet pictures to remember the day with.

Valley mertyl-0754 Valley mertyl-0748 Valley mertyl-0743 Valley mertyl-0736 Valley mertyl-0733 Valley mertyl-0718 Valley mertyl-0776


But I think one of my favourite was this one taken by Loo on our way out….


Valley mertyl-0781


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