It’s been many many years since I have had to go overseas on a business trip and certainly the first since our two little offspring appeared on the scene.

So Monday was a little bluer than normal. I hadn’t been looking forward to it. After another fun weekend with my little family, I, with a heavy heart and misty eyes, had to say goodbye to all of them for a week. Lou was fine, she understood it was a good work opportunity, Woowoo was fine, he’s a little too small to notice that I was not there but it was little Tom I was most upset for. A baby at 2 years and 10 months, he knew something was up, he didn’t want me to go, and too small to understand why. Amazing how intuitive small children can be, apparently the whole way to school he was saying ” daddy come back daddy come back” heartbreaking:( I hope he will have a busy week an not miss me too much:)

I promise to bring him the best toy “rubbish truck” ( his favourite toy) in china and the best ” motorbike ” for Woowoo.

I really do feel for people who have to travel extensively for work……

So, china should be interesting….

Technology has also changed a bit since I last travelled…..

An iPad app to navigate the undergrounds….

A device charging plug on the plane….

I look forward to seeing china, an busy exciting land of industry and energy (an smog I’m told!) lets check it out !

Ok so I arrive in Hong Kong early and the morning and catch my connection to shanghai . Nice and warm, 7am here and already 29 degrees! I had heard that 10 people had died in a heat wave last week! Hong Kong airport is as western and “normal” as any other airport I have ever been to (this excludes south america and most African countries other than SA!)

Hong Kong from the air was surprisingly pretty and clean. The closely packed sky rise buildings are surrounded by lush green mountains, calm blue sea, uninhabited islands and secluded little white beaches. Something you would expect to see in the med……

So when in china do as the Chinese do. I figure I should try the Chinese lunch option on my connection flight . Beef something or other…… It turned out to look a bit like boiled beef in a bowl of sperm. I didn’t ask exactly what it was, rather not know ….. The a host said “add lotta pepa” which I did, didn’t taste too bad though……







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