I think this has been one of my favourite outings so far…a trip to the middle of Durban to visit the Natural Science Museum! Do you remember going there as a kid? Nevermind the displays, the building, the building, aaah the building….it is so beautiful. We parked in Pine Street at the parkade, survived the dodgy lift down to ground floor and then had the most beautiful walk to the city hall buildings. I get all happy just thinking about it. To walk through our city centre and be graced with the presence of these grand and historic buildings that must have taken years and years to complete, aaah… it’s just such a wonderful privilege!!

Will, looking super impressed with the red carpet!

Everyone remember the dinosaur? It’s still there. Same place I saw it twenty years ago.





We bumped into a family we met during our December holiday at the Cavern. I mean really? What weird co-incidence. They are from Greytown. Even stranger co-incidence. It was a week day, middle of town….not your ordinary outing. And what’s even weirder is that we bumped into them 3 weeks prior in Nottingham Road. Anyway. I thought you should know that. 




And then….as per tradition….and where possible…we usually end off with these. Roomys. That’s the code word for them anyway. ;)




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