This month, Jem celebrates his 20th year in business. Twenty years ago I was only ten years into my life, probably playing office office with my little friendies and dressing up Cabbage Patch dolls…and then there was my future husband…he was buying machines, commissioning moulds and registering a business – playing real life office office!

I’m so very proud of what he’s achieved and I’ve always considered him my business mentor and go-to man for advice with my little business as he’s always so logical and unbiased. I’m fascinated with entrepreneurship and often ask Jem to tell me the story of how he and his dad Andy started the business. I heard of pamphlets been dropped off at shops in the middle of West Street, coathanger sales, call-outs in the middle of the night,and sleeping over in a caravan park in Joburg and shaving for a meeting in the ablution blocks. That’s the beauty of being in business so long, you get to look back and reminisce over your journey…think of the tough times you went through, the mistakes you made, the good decisions, the not-so-good decisions..but ultimately everything you did or didn’t do to get you to the present moment.

So on hearing that this was their 20th year, I thought we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have even just a little celebration to say well done and pay tribute to 20 years. And to eat cupcakes of course :)

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