What do you get someone who has everything? When you can’t give any more pairs of undies or socks, you move onto experiences. That’s what I did for Jems 40th birthday two years ago (read his account of it here) and this year, on a much much much lesser scale, I threw in some experiences too! We did the Durban Stadium jump together – I really wanted to take pics of my man jumping but it was so windy up there and before I knew it, he was connected up and shouting “weeeeeeee”. Well, it wasn’t really a “weeeeeeeee” but more of a manly “whaaaaaaa”. You know what I mean. I on the other hand was a “weeeeeeeee” “eeeeeeeeeeee” “yeeeeeeeee”.

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. What will we do next year? Rally Car driving? Now That could be fun!

3, 2, 1

Followed by LavAzza cappuccinos on the beachfront. Nom Nom Nommy.

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