Our beautiful baby boy, William Henry Sanders was born. He was a whopping 4.5kg – 95th percentile stuff! His height too was way up there!

The birth was natural and in so many ways, felt so right.

Second time round, I’ve appreciated this newborn stage so much more. I’m treasuring every breastfeed, every little quirky sound and movement. Often I shut our bedroom door, and steal a quiet moment  with him just to gaze at his little features and smell the nape of his neck….

I guess there’s not as much anxiety getting in the way of actually enjoying these early days. I’m still sentimental as ever though and the hormone rollercoaster in the first few days was overwhelming, I’d reflect and analyse everything about the birth, the pregnancy, the future. I also had to get my head around the fact that I was no longer pregnant – fun in some ways but horrible in other ways…this was one less pregnancy I was going to get to experience and I felt like I had to mourn the end of it. In an effort to shed light on the matter and make me feel better, my hubby said we could still have another 2 kids on top of these two…I said hunni, I’ll do the third but you can push the 4th one out and I’ll just surround myself with pregnant friends after that – at least then I can experience pregnancies vicariously through them!

My hubby is already researching Google on how to make a girl.  And I’ve got this strange feeling I’m going to have twins next. I’m telling you.

But before we even think about making more babies, I would love to do the Dusi again with my hubby and even attempt the Comrades.

For now, we have two beautiful boys…..I love saying that, “my boys”….it’s like when you’re newly married and get goosies when you say “my husband” the first couple of times.  Well I get goosies when I get to say “my boys” or “the kids”. It’s wonderful isn’t it?

Back to two weeks ago…

I hired a doula for the birth which may sound a bit weird or “out there” but I can tell you now, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Obviously you’ve got to get the right person but I was fortunate enough to get just that – Liza Harkess. There were times where I thought that hiring a doula was being a little precious but I had heard so many good things about doulas and I felt I needed to try using one.. And I’m so glad I did

So with a doula like Liza Harkess, a gynae like Dr. Candice Roberts and a husband like mine, I had the perfect team for a natural birth. No Epidural, no Pethidene, no Entonox, just a water pool, a TENS machine and a shit hot team of seconds (as Jems dusi partner would say!).  I can’t say I didn’t ask for drugs through, there was definitely a period of time where I felt quite desperate and uncertain of how long I could maintain that intensity of pain for. But the hot water pool saved me and I managed to get too dilated for any drugs. In the end it happened exactly as it was meant to happen and I’m mindful and thankful for that.

Thank-you my beautiful, supportive hubby Jem.

Thank-you my Liza, my incredible doula

Thank-you my Candice, my brilliant gynae and cheerleader

I hope we have the same team next time xx


It started here, being induced and listening to my babas heartbeat..he was so snug and happy in there..


Liza feeding me ice. Ice in labour is like marshmallow easter eggs to a pregnant woman. Addictive.

Labouring along…in a zone of my own.


After 12 hours of labour, my baby is finally with me, on my bare chest, the best feeling in the world. This is the face of sheer relief , happiness and gratitude.  Very emotional, no inhibitions, just so happy.

I thought the moment would never come.

Inspecting this crumpled little face…

It was a long journey for the little guy. United after 40+ weeks.

I started breastfeeding straight away.

Candice at work, delivering the placenta and making sure all was 100%

Holding daddy’s hand for the first time..

Colour slowly returning to little Will’s feet.

Our swollen little fattybomstick.

Welcome to the big wide world where many adventures await you, little William.

We love you to the moon and back froglet.





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