Your husband comes home from work and there’s the routine reunion that ensues: Cats are cuddled, held upside down, Toms in dad’s firemans hold, it’s a bit hyper and the house is full of noise.

Then you get distracted and read an article in the paper and all of a sudden the house goes quiet. No Tom noise, no Jeremy noise, no cat noise. Nadas.

You walk around the house and there’s no sign of anybody. But you do hear the sound of a motorbike at the top of the road…and a few seconds later, in the distance you see your man on scoot with your baba.

And you just want to watch them without interrupting their little moment together, without them seeing you, just for a few minutes, just because you can and it makes you sigh with content.

But no, something tells you to hurry up and haul your 8 month pregnant ass upstairs – just picture it – to go get the camera.


Buzzing up and down our quiet little road in suburbia…just the two of them, tsssssaaaa!

I couldn’t really click away unnoticed….big ass lens, even bigger tummy, there was no camouflaging me!

Again Dad….


aaaaahh can you handle this picture? I got this look as if to say “I just need to ask daddy some very very important questions about exhausts, gears and motors…I’ll come for my bath now now see.”



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