I know you’ll be wowed by that seriously imaginative title “news and stuff”…pretty snappy I know.

Can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a month! That’s shocking really, and in fact I’m punishing myself right now by devouring a black forest cupcake as I write this with one finger.


Our baba is crawling like a professional, I’m telling you it’s impressive. No teeth though.

He’s more interactive and trying to pull himself up. Note to self: take extra mattress out of cot asap.

He LOVES his daddy.

Usually he likes his veggies, just not when this picture was taken.

He still won’t sleep at night. Sob sob sob. Sob. But I know he will get there. I just know it. Of course he will. He will. Definitely. Right?

And most of you know that I’m pregnant again. :) It’s a 16 month gap. Yikes but we’re stoked. Everyone asks, was it planned? Tis the number one question.

My answer? The best things in life aren’t always planned.

Had my first appointment with superwoman Dr. Candice Roberts yesterday and the little heartbeat was racing along. Little nunu pie.

Due date 18th Feb.

Cravings have been on the increase. I had McDonald’s the other day…(don’t judge me!) the plastic burger, processed chips and K-way drink all tasted so so SO good.

The chicken and mushroom pie after that was almost just as good. And now I’m craving curry and then pancakes, in that order.


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