Putting the Tominator to sleep is usually (touch wood) quite easy. Bath, bottle, dummy, cuddle, drowsy, sleep. Sometimes though it just doesn’t work like that. He gets to the drowsy bit and one of the following happens:

1. A flock of Egyptian geese take flight over the Tominator’s room at this exact moment. Ffffff…..

2. The apple juice I had 30 minutes ago migrates from stomach to duodenum, making a gurgling sound in the Tominator’s right eardrum. No amount of stomach tensing will minimise this so-not-cool sound, just gotta roll with this one.

3. Jem decides to blow that booger out his left nostril in the bathroom next door. Beayatiful! And it’s not like I can scream and tell him to pipe down either.

4. My cell phone rings..sob sob

WAIT, it gets worse…

5. The Tominator farts and wakes himself up. :)

6. The scratch in my throat leads to an uncontrollable, gasping, throat-grabbing, explosive cough which sees me shot putting the Tominator over to Dad.

7. I trip over the carpet….

8. or over the Monkey and activate its dancing, singing, flashing AND gyrating functions. You have no idea how often this happens.

9. We have a localised thunder storm, like right outside Tom’s window. Like seriously.

10. The enemy cat enters the kitchen and tries to mess with Frank and George. Frank and George won’t have any of it and a massive bust up ensues.

11. Instead of turing on the sleep music….Dad turns on “The Wheels on the Bus go round and round” song at full (baby waking) volume. Accidentally of course.

This is for all mothers who try and get their baba to sleep at night…in peace!! :) What wakes your baby up, I’m interested to know?


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