Sometimes I’ve actually got to sit down and pinch myself and ask: ”is this for real?”

My life, is it for real? Seriously.

I feel so lucky in so many regards.

I have a son, a little gorgeous baby. He’s so innocent and so dependent.  He’s just a little life that I get to see develop and grow every single day…how amazing is it that we as humans get to experience this?

The little pout is his trademark..

(I get to kiss those chubby little arms and cheeks. Everyday. Hee!)

He pouted from day one in the world!

And 12 weekas later, still has the pout thing going on. Bless.

….He has a doting father…who misses him when  he goes to work, makes him wooden trees for his room and occasionally hangs him upside down for fun.

…and I have a husband who loves his little family, a man with whom I get to share the experience of parenting.

Life is good. I don’t ever want to take it for granted. If it takes giving myself a pinch on the bum everyday to know my life is for real, then cool, bring on the sore butt!

I’m totally aware that this post could have sounded a little hormonal/emotional – I just had a baby 12 weeks ago – I see you nodding…cool so you understand and forgive me :)

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