He makes it so easy for people to take the Mickey out of him………………

Julius Malema became the laughing stock, again, by ignorantly threatening to close down Twitter. It seems the poor guys feelings were hurt when fraudulent accounts claiming to be him had been opened on the social network.

In response, Twitter users have retaliated by targeting ANC Youth League president and declaring Friday as “Julius Malema Day“. Several new accounts have been opened on the micro-blogging service in defiance to the ANCYL claims. They have also started circulating jokes featuring the firebrand leader.

The goal of the “Julius Malema Day” is to illustrate how powerful social networking can be and the importance for politicians to take social media seriously.

ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu has been quoted as saying “We don’t follow up on petty issues; it’s not even a story. We have bigger battles to fight and this internet doesn’t even speak to our people,” I hate to tell you this Floyd, but people with even a basic phone can access a social network, and how many people do you know that have cell phones? Food for thought I recon

Happy Friday everyone !

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