My man always says that my ideas translate into work for him….and I guess, for the most part, that would be true. He just knows stuff.  And besides, my ideas give him a chance to use the extensive collection of power tools that live in our garage…all fully justified purchases!

So since little periwinkle didn’t arrive last weekend, I thought the nursery and the menagerie of owls in there, could do with a pretty wooden tree. So on Monday, after consulting with my man on exactly how to make this pretty wooden tree, I bought the wood and accessories, drew on the template and then watched in excitement as he cut it out..

There is something incredibly attractive about watching a man making something for his unborn child..

*Heart melting*

On Tuesday Jem sealed it and sanded the edges and on Wednesday we cut and stuck on the leaves and door knobs.

And wallah…the tree – handmade by my Superjerm!  Isn’t it the cutest tree ever ever ever?

Thanks hunni

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