My hubby asked me to post this for him..very inspiring:

I suppose it’s the imminent arrival of baby peri that’s making me feel a little soppy. I dug up this beautiful poem my mom wrote for me when I was born. She only showed it to me a few years back.”

When first I saw you

A crumpled form with face

So reminiscent of a mouse

You greeted me not, though

I had known you these past months

Known every movement of your new found limbs

Your waking moments and your times of peace

You knew me not but gazed at me with sightless eyes

And tiny fingers grasped the air and caught it not

But you have grown a burbling, bubbling bundle

So full of life’s delights

A bumbling, falling, crying child with smile to stir

And move the very soul

A golden boy with eyes the colour of earth’s own antiquity

Which sparkle at the sight of me and unknown objects

promising adventure, and much much more.

And in repose, an angel

Your look of innocence belies the naughty twinkle

in your eyes

Your restful limbs make mock of dancing, bouncing

Jumping joys

And sleeping body takes its rest to once again

Resume the task of living life.

“Love you mom and dad..”

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