I think this guy is brilliant; his sense of humour definitely speaks to me. This is not ha-ha kind of comedy, no. When Aaron gets on stage the reserved side of me reluctantly makes way for the loud, screaming-with-laughter, hysterical  side of me.

“Aaron McIlroy is back at He Heritage with his sell-out compilation offering entitled “Unplucked”, and it promises a dose of extreme theatre as never before. Prepare to be ambushed, as the man packs out the laughter lines, unleashing his inimitable gallery of characters in a festival of comedy that harks back over 15 years on the live entertainment beat.

The whacky and wonderful cavalcade will take to the stage at random, offering fans a different experience of the McIlroy magic from one performance to the next. So stand by for close-up encounters or unforgettable reunions with the likes of Bruce Syringenson, Truscott Price, Joel Liebenburg, Nigel Bjorn van Rensburg, Veejay Moodley, Lavern Levine, Pepe Gonzales and a burst of other loons, as McIlroy unleashes his ever-changing jamboree of madness and mayhem on his audiences.

Adding his own distinctive spin to each performance, Nathan Redpath, alias DJ King B, will re-mix McIlroy’s musical concoctions live onstage, keeping the man himself on his toes in more ways than one…”

Reference: The Heritage Theatre

We all know that laughter is the best muti,  so book your spot and let me know how great you think he is!

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