Officially, it’s 3 weeks time, unofficially its a weeks time! I’m getting ready for our lives to change…..forever! Little Peri/Shewy/Melly,Baskety is coming soon! “Do you know what it is?” that is the number one question everyone asks. “its a baby I think” is my standard answer.

But before all that, I need to get all my equipment ready for the big day!

This is what I need…….

1. Cigar. Im not sure how to drive this thing but I’m gonna try.

2. Champagne. This is a very fancy bottle and I have absolutely no idea how it made its way into our cupboard.

3. Helmet Cam. To film the action. Watch this space.

4. Wellington boots. In case it’s messy!

5. Photo of Peri just to make sure it’s really him.

6. Stem cells kit. (serious stuff)

That should be it for now. I’m also armed with the knowledge from the Antenatal class last night that I now know how to bath a newborn.

I think I’m finally ready! Come on Peri daddy is waiting for you!

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