My husband has been begging me to design some new Phuthu cycling shirts. Shame, I feel bad – his are looking a little sad and he just keeps wearing em, week in week out…Such a good Phuthu Punter he is.  So one evening I hauled my pregnant butt downstairs and changed them a bit…okay quite a lot.

My man asked for more “white space” which as a designer I LOVE  but it ain’t so great for mountain biking, you know what I’m saying?! The shiny white you see below will turn to a lightish shade of brown in about 2 hours in the valley. Kind of like the brown you see when your tea is a bit anaemic, neither here nor there (and not so tasty). And I’m not so sure it will look too sexaaaay with the black sleeves. I can do pink and orange together but brown and black…mmm, nah!  But hey, at least everyone who wears the shirt will get to look good in it at least once. And I really must stress here that I have nothing against light brown, it really is a beautiful earthy colour and mixes well with other earthy colours, so no offence to any light brown molecules out there! Luffs you.

So if you are wondering what the “CamelToe” reference is to then hell you need to do some reading hee hee!! You can find all the details here which I’m sure you’ll find either amusing or terribly grotesque depending on whether you’re an A or B Type personality or alternatively just grossed out by references to pieces of clothing creeping into places that they probably weren’t meant to creep into. Sjoe that was a long sentence.



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