It seems that the controversial vuvuzela- our very own national instrument- which became the sound of the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa, has won an entry in the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English, due to be published this week.

The dictionary defines the horn as a long plastic instrument, in the shape of a trumpet that makes a very loud noise when you blow it and is popular with football fans in South Africa. How cool is that?

The vuvuzela has become so popular with the international market, that certain countries have taken a stand against them and have banned the horn from being played at certain sporting events, stating that the ‘noise’ is very distracting to the players and severely limits communication on the field. The fact that they are doing this, indicates just how popular the instrument has become and how many people left this country after the World Cup with a vuvuzela in their suitcase. I love it!

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