I had an awesome Women’s Day! It revolved around eating!

My man took me to breakfast in the morning, we went to a friend’s house for a laid back lunch in the afternoon and in the evening we had a “fend-for-yourself-dinner”. And that means there was no cooking involved and more importantly – no extra dirty dishes to add to the pile! Bliss!


Ok well my husband decided that he would surprise me with breakfast in bed, unfortunately I stuffed the plans up by getting out of bed before he had time to complete the task, so I was not very popular, but breakfast was fantastic anyway (thank you sweety, I appreciate it). The weather on Monday was perfect to stay indoors, undercover and slob away the day watching DVD’s and eating lekker comfort food with of course chocolate for dessert.  Would I ask for anything better………Hell no!


I actually totally forgot why I’m having a day off; was just thrilled that I was part of this rosy Monday at home, not realising that it was
all about me

Found myself in front of the TV at 6 am (thanks to two busy toddlers), desperately trying to get a little bit more shut-eye. My very sweet man tried to surprise my daughter and myself with tea and snacks but we wouldn’t have it. He had to eventually spell it out:

“Sit up girls, I have something for you.”

Then I clicked. 9 August. Women’s Day.

My daughter (4) just, well, refused to have her early-morning surprise. Which made me eat my snack that I didn’t even like just to make up for her insensitivity. Was a long chew.

Overall just a lazy day with him doing most of the work in and around the house – isn’t that true love? Ended off with an hour in the bath with a book. Peace and a good book – what more can any woman want? Okay, perhaps a pair of heels.‎

“All I want out of life is a moments peace, a good book, and a great pair of shoes”
- Katherine Hepburn

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