I was staring at the screen for a while – I do this sometimes – when the Phuthu Girls Banner caught my eye:

I totally forgot about this post… *guilty flinch* …wonder what this was about?


You can wrap these goals with positive names like My Plans for the Year or What I Would Like to Achieve this Year but all they really come down to are those good ol’  New Year’s Resolutions. Those positive, what-on-earth-were-we-thinking moments when we enthusiastically vow to give up something or start something that we hardly ever can keep up. That being said, we do need these resolutions to keep us going. To keep us trying. Imagine the joy when we actually achieve some of these.

There is of course a less harsher way of looking at this (there is always, you just have to look hard and long). We can call these Our Goals simply because a goal does not have a date connected to it. Well, it shouldn’t. Then we try to work towards these. Life does have a way of happening, or taking over, rather, which can complicate matters slightly, as long as we get back on track once we’ve hit that bump in the road, all’s good.

A good place to start is to remember those vows ;)

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