I’m officially at the “baby factory” age. It seems everyone around me is having babies. There are preggy tummies everywhere and babies and children and prams and bottles and it’s like people have just discovered procreation. Seriously! What’s with that?

I’ve got 12 weeks to go. So that’s 12 weeks to get the nursery sorted, find a cot, buy some furniture and think of some non-dorky but not-too-cool names. Piece of cake!

…and that’s exactly what I feel like right now mmm..

So everyone thinks I’m having a boy, so much so that I’m convinced I’m having a boy now too. All I can say is that if we have a girl, we’re going to get one humongous surprise and all pronoun references will have to change asap!  I cannot wait for the announcement… “it’s a ….”. So suspenseful but how exciting?!

Did I mention I was excited?

I’m so excited. Who will this little karate chopping cashew turn out to be?

I’ll let you know in 12 weeks.

Check my belly button – I have an outie!

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