The words Bafana Bafana became a global catchphrase, thanks to the FIFA World Cup, but once again life and politics has intervened and stuffed everything up. It seems that the government is up in arms at the fact businessmen are allowed to exploit the name commercially.

Businessman Stanton Woodrush has won two court cases to retain the name Bafana Bafana for his clothing range. Woodrush was the first to apply for the registration of the name as a trademark. You snooze you lose…………….

SAFA bosses were told by parliamentary sports portfolio committee chairperson Butana Komphela that the national soccer team’s name might be changed. The outspoken Komphela, who in the past also threatened to rename the Springboks, told SAFA leaders on Tuesday to either resolve the controversy surrounding the Bafana Bafana trademark ownership or do away with the name completely.

Oh dear what now? Does anybody know what the Zulu translation for ‘Men’ is?

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