I spent this past weekend celebrating my man’s birthday…

The big 4-OH!

OH YES! I must say though that my man must be the youngest looking 4-tee year old that I’ve ever seen and most days I have to ask the rhetorical “..and how old are you hun?”. For example, if your 4-tee year old husband wanted to play soccer with a pilates ball in a busy gym – making it known by kicking the ball into the air and across the gym studio whilst other people are busy doing sit-ups and stuff – then you would say “and how old are you again?”. But it’s all okay with me, I don’t ever want to stop asking that question cos that would be the day I’d stop laughing!

Anyway…back to birthday celebrations: I planned a mini adventure for the special dude but he’s going to tell you all about it next week. The strenuous moments of the adventure however, went something like this:

and like this:

The view from the spa..

It was a tough adventure …

but someone had to do it :)

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