As I was driving to work this morning, I had difficulty sticking to my lane in the search for just one South African flag. Just one teeny weenie flag – is that too much to ask? There was nothing. Not one friggen flag. Dammit. How is it possible that every single person in South Africa remembered to take their flags down? I was looking for that one scatterbrain that forgot but nothing. Nada. It was such a sad moment. So final. Like a hangover – all that is left is the faint memory of an amazing Soccer World Cup (Metaphor courtesy of the BossLady).

It was extremely successful according to all the big chiefs. And yes, we are proud. But the build-up to this was so long, we were so amped… where to from here? I’m sure most South Africans will experience serious Soccer World Cup withdrawal symptoms.

I was listening to Gareth Cliff this morning and he said it best: Bottle the vibe and patriotic feelings and take a big sip when needed. There will be times when you get gatvol, times when the crime, parliament or unemployment rate gets you down. This is a good time to remember just how proudly South African you felt; how we all came together and forgot about our ego’s, differences and past for once.

This feeling is way bigger than any trophy.
Remember it and keep the positive vibes going.

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