Right, seeing as though we have lots of of tourists in our country right now, who are probably in need of a little enlightenment with regards to our beautiful divers languages and cultures, I thought that a test on South African slang might be appropriate this week.

A. Flossie

  1. A girlfriend.
  2. A  term of endearment for a small, cute toddler.
  3. A prostitute.

B. Jollie patrollie

  1. An affectionate term for the police.
  2. To go for a joy-ride in search of the perfect party.
  3. A kids TV programme featuring puppets and songs.

C. Kwerekwere

  1. An affectionate term for a girlfriend.
  2. A stranger to a township.
  3. A musician.

D. Skrik

  1. Incredibly wealthy.
  2. A haunted house.
  3. To get a fright.

E. Technicoloured yawn

  1. A rainbow.
  2. A tired chameleon.
  3. Vomit.
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