We were sent an email this week informing us about a new website called www.find-design.co.za. It’s very South African and at Phuthu, you know we like anything and everything South African:

I asked for a bit more of a low-down from the creator and this is what he said:

“The site was started by a professional architect Sebastian van Greunen (www.3rdface.co.za) in a small firm in Cape Town. The biggest problem we have found is that information, whilst available, is scattered all over the web. A lot of the time we find out about new South African Design on international blogs instead of local ones. Many of the local creative blogs are also cluttered with lots of international design information that the blogger finds inspiring. None of this makes it easier to find local design information. There is plenty of local design talent that is on par with international standards, and we thought it should be easily accessible to everyone.

The main idea behind the site is to create a user friendly design database that is edited & reviewed for quality. The are plenty of directories out there, but anyone is able to add their information, which adds to the web clutter again. Each creative that is accepted gets a portfolio page with all the key info & sample work. They also get a pressroom which facilitates the easy addition of news & events to the profile and helps keep the public up to date. Public users who register on the site can review the listings, add their own news & events or even suggest good books to add to the library and  interact in the online community (although many features here are still under development).

Going forward, the intention is to list all our top creatives and become a very useful source of local design information. We are nearly finished with the job portal which will list design jobs for the various industries. Future plans include design collaborations and an upliftment program to give deserving applicants a future in design. For us design is the future. Problems are solved through good design.

The site is still in its infancy, live for only about 3 weeks and has had a wonderful response so far, but we are hoping to spread the word with proper marketing campaigns.”

Well done guys, keep up the good work and keep promoting excellent design.


The Phuthu Team!

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