I let my man loose on Phuthu on Monday, it was a hectic day and I had to dash off to French after work and I didn’t have time to do a post. He did a lovely job and wrote a post about our Sunday afternoon ride, and then guess what, he made dinner without any input or suggestions from me! It was ready when I got home AND it was delicious. He made a chilli Beef Stroganoff. Fancy I know. I don’t think he knew that he was making a stroganoff but hell.…he made a stroganoff!

And then yesterday, well it was hectic, we were one staff member short again and there were multiple distractions. We’re doing a few alterations to the house – very basic but I’m the acting project manager whilst my man is at work.  All in all I have to answer a lot of questions throughout the day – builders have the most questions, then plumbers then electricians. So building is fun but it does come with its distractions.  And poor old George, our cat, the one with multiple personality disorder and a strong tendency to be neurotic, developed full blown neurosis when the builders, electricians and plumbers descended on our little abode. Horrible! When he needs to leave the office to get food or do his business he does a 360 degree sniper scan of the area before tiptoeing to his desired destination. We then got him a “calming” collar which secretes pheromones and is supposed to relax him a little. At first he gave us death stares and was like “get this thing off me”  but then he kind of realised it wasn’t too bad and he calmed down. The neurosis is still there it’s just turned down a notch. Poor thing.

Anyway, like I was saying, we’ve been real busy at work and so I’m feeding the girls minty chewy sweets, shortbread and a whole jar full of yoghurt, ice-cream and sour pop suckers…it seems to keep them going. I think I’m going to fill the jar with either Marshmallow fish or Zoo Biscuits next – can’t decide. Or Muesli Rusks.

The Apprentice is coming on in 5 minutes and that’s my programme for the week so I’d better end this post now. Thanks for reading and coming back even though we didn’t have anything for you to read yesterday..it really sucks and I’m heartbroken about it…but I’ll get over soon…and I’m sure you will too. :)

Nighty night!

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