I sent my man out on a photo mission on Sunday afternoon.

The brief was, “the essence of the valley of 1000 hills”.  When we were training for the Cape Epic we spent many hours here, pedalling up nasty hills and down equally precarious downhills. We also stopped at a lot of shebeens, not for beer, but for ice cold 2L Cokes. The glass bottles would ceremoniously do their rounds amongst the riders, each person taking a swig before handing over to the next sugar-deprived soul.

I have such fond memories of the valley…

My man came back with so many gorgeous photos but this one really stuck out for me. We’ve ridden along this road more times than I can count up to in French (about 79) ..and that’s alot!

I’m hoping that he’ll do a “Valley Series”, capturing different parts of the areas we visited during our training here. Hint hint nudge nudge!

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