As you well know, the Comrades Marathon 2010 was held this weekend in KZN.

Here are just a few pics documenting the feel, excitement and overall comradery of both the spectators and participants alike. I hope you enjoy the pics, as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Firstly let’s congratulate the winners. From Zimbabwe, lets hear it for Stephen Muzhingi finishing with the time of 5:29:01.

Now I thought that the pic below was Stephen, but after some careful scrutiny, I realised that it is in fact the first South African to cross the line Sipho Ngomane. Oops sorry Stephen.

And the first lady over the finishing line was Elena Nurgalieva of Russia finishing with the time of 6:13:04, one second ahead of her twin sister Olesya, who won last year in 6:12:12.

The marshals and the police were out in full force on Sunday to keep us safe from the bad guys, thanks man! I couldn’t help taking this photo, I PML when I saw this. Damn, that can’t be comfortable-

Comrades are not the same without the trusty old skottle and a bacon and egg fry-up. Shame, it must be torture for the runners having to smell all this.

This guy had the right idea-

The neighborhood kids were out in full force, really standing behind the runners and giving it their all, sometimes to their mother’s irritation. I now know how loud and overpowering the vuvuzelas can be when faced with hundreds of spectators blowing on the thing.

No specific comrades related reason for showing the next pic, I just love the way this little girl was looking on at the runners, with her pink ‘hoodie’ and ‘Happy day’ back pack-

Now I’m not a comrades guru, but I think this little boy was handing out salt to the competitors to aid in muscle cramping, but I could be wrong.

I admire people who run this already grueling marathon with additional heavy costumes, flags, wigs and all sorts of other paraphernalia in tow all in support of a meaningful cause-

Patriotism at its best-

As in any endurance race, their will most definitely be high’s-

And of course low’s

But for some reason, one that I have difficulty grasping, is that this time next year those same people will be back at the starting line ready to put their bodies through another grueling test of stamina, cramp like they have never cramped before, get blisters the size of KZN, dehydrate…….. sun burn………….chafe (ouch)………………the list goes on. I personally don’t get it, but I enjoyed watching and supporting them regardless.

Well done to all the participants, we at Phuthu salute you.

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