Driving around today I was amazed to see how many cars have SA national flags on their mirrors, car aerials and or dash boards. A patriotic display of this scale by all races has never before been seen by me in this country! The roadside flag hawkers are doing a roaring trade, get one before they run out!

This display of patriotism is rather alien to me and a lot of other South Africans. When have you ever seen so many national flags proudly displayed? It’s actually quite refreshing, for once we have, even if it’s just for a short while, stopped moaning about crime corruption etc etc etc and felt a little national pride.

It actually feels good to see all the flags flying so proudly wherever you look! Its sounds really corny but I can actually feel the national unity!

Here’s mine below. At first it feels a bit like getting naked in public, but you soon see everyone else is naked and then its ok!

So even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about soccer, FIFA and all that stuff, let yourself feel a little pride and stick a flag on your car! You might even find the feeling lasts!

Jeremy Sanders

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