I did a 23km mountain bike race this weekend. And a 20km race last weekend. I know I know I shouldn’t have with being pregnant and all but I’m a cautious individual; I really am…and besides, cashew was chomping at the bit to get some fresh air. So don’t shout at me okay? Still luff me?

Well, what I really want to tell you about is the venue of this race! Never ever ever in my life have I ever wanted to be a child more than I did this weekend. The race was held at what I can only describe as a Never Never Land. The venue was All Out Adventures in the Northern Berg, a venue for kids and adults to experience a frenzy of fun!

With wooden ladders spiralling up and around tall pine trees, little platforms set the stage for canopy tours – zip lines heading this way and that. Circus enthusiasts could try their hand at the flying trapeze (they have a mini one for kids) with the comfort of a safety net below. They also have a “King Swing” and several Bungee Bounce trampolines which are a hit with kids. If you prefer to be on terra firma, then you can go quad biking, mountain biking or play paintball. Are you exhausted yet just listening to all of this?

So if you feel like having your fingers and toes tingling with a shot of adrenaline, head off to the Drakensberg for a weekend and go wild!

The mountain bike race was amazing by the way and cashew loved every minute, even the contour path along the cliff face. :)

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