You see there’s this little cowboy that lives in Australia with his mom. And I got to meet him for the first time last month when they made the great trek to Africa. I held him, cuddled him , kissed him, bathed him – everything a besotted aunty would do. But then of course, he and his mom had to go back home, and it dawned on me that I wouldn’t see them for a long time. And that made me kinda sad….

To my dear little Cowboy –

I miss you!

I miss your toothless grin,

I miss the crease at the back of your neck,

and the smell of milk on your clothes.

I miss how peaceful you look when sleeping,

And how happy you are when awake.

I miss your chubby tummy and your little buns,

I even miss the boogers that occasionally hang from your nose.

I just miss you my little cowboy.

Wouldn’t you miss this?

The little cowboy himself.

Who belongs to this gorgeous girl, my sis.

Who lives in Melbourne…

Which is really far away.

Which really sucks.

But that’s life.

So treasure the good times! :)

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