Hoorah. The score Malema 0 : Public 1.

I almost burnt my bottom lip with tea this morning when reading the front page story on Malema. He actually got a little bollocking for all the kak he’s been causing recently. Okay so it’s not verging on King Henry VIII style of punishment but it’s a lil’summin, you know what I mean? It made my tea taste good. The tea cup even tasted good…

This is the outcome of Malema’s National Disciplinary hearing, the punishment list:

  1. Publicly apologise to Zuma, the ANC and the nation in a statement drafted for him. This statement was printed in the paper this morning and no doubt you’ll be able to read it this evening when you have dinner. Promise it will make your peas and carrots taste a little better.
  2. Attend the ANC political school for 20 days within the next year. Whilst you’re at it Jules, why not find a blackboard and write out 100 times “I will not be a naughty boy anymore; I will be a good boy”
  3. Attend programmes on effective leadership communication and anger management or other appropriate programmes at local institutions to be determined by the party. Nah, think you should go directly to the BBC headquarters for a course or two. Spend some time with the agents.
  4. Pay a R10 000 fine within 3 months to a youth development project to be determined by the party.

We’ll wait and see what happens next won’t we……

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