Okay so it’s time for an exciting little numbered list summing up what’s been going on in life:

  1. SARS only opens at 9.00am on a Wednesday so if you’re ever going there or were planning a trip there for a Wednesday, think again before you eagerly hop into your car at 7.15am whilst trying to guzzle down a piece of toast with Bovril on it. Don’t do it!
  2. I went for a scan last week and you’ll never believe it but the little monkey was sucking its wee little thumb! Like its actually got a thumb and four other little digits on each hand. It has hands. And arms. Arms! Its got everything, the works, just like the car you’ve always wanted.
  3. My man is going through a golf phase and is frequenting the driving range sometimes twice a day to perfect his swing. I couldn’t help but join in on all the excitement so I went along on Sunday to hit some balls. I was quite chuffed with myself because I alternated between Skyscraper and Moleraper shots quite consistently. Every time the ball went high into the air, I dropped the club, bounced excitedly and screeched to Jeremy whilst pointing skywards “Hunneeeeeee, look look look look look, my ball, can you see it, did you see it?!!!”.
  4. I got whipped at Scrabble last night (by my man) and all I can say is that it’s going to take a lot of marshmallow mice to make me feel better about the situation.
  5. And that’s all folks. Titillating stuff!
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