Unlike last week’s snake post which almost saw me hurl a concoction of Cornflakes, peas and carrots, this weeks pictures are refreshingly, stomach-friendly.

So this is the rumbling tummy of the Iceland volcano that’s caused a lot of havoc the world over. It looks quite pretty in this picture don’t you think?  It reminds me of the fountain in Gateway Shopping Centre, only prettier, scarier, hotter and more colourful.

But here it’s starting to look a little peeved….

and here….it’s in dire need of an anger management course.

Do you ever play that game where you make shapes in the clouds? Well, to me, this one looks like a giant cotton wool factory that ran out of bleach. The factory behind it clearly had enough supplies.  What does it look like to you? A toxic pancreas?

The good thing is that a few flights resumed today!

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