A friend of mine phoned with news that she has two extra tickets to a rock show at the Barnyard theatre and they can’t think of anyone that will enjoy this more than us. Yeah, old rockers, that’s what we are. Sean was all amped and I considered wearing my matric farewell dress and heels out of sheer excitement (very un-rocky, I know); ready to hit the Barnyard, expecting to bob to the likes of U2, Mick Jagger and Van Halen.

As we hung around the reception area waiting for the rest of the party to pitch, we eyeballed the people..

Me: Do they look like old rockers to you?

Sean: (scanning the area while trying to hide a smile as a very “clean looking” family passed us) Uhhmm.. not exactly, no.

Me: What does an old rocker look like?

Sean: Well, look at us… We surely don’t look the part any more. But wait until *Gary walks in…

Imagine our surprise when some dude started playing the pennywhistle on stage. Something is very wrong here. The pennywhistle?? Oh boy, this is going to be a long evening. My friend was like: “Sorry, I really thought it was a rock show but it’s apparently some African jazz thing.”

The show was absolutely great! It’s called Diamonds & Dust; a proudly South African production directed by Duck Chowles and it takes you on a journey of joy, heartache and freedom. It’s not a black thing, it’s a South African thing dress-up in black rhythm and I liked it alot.

Anyone who knows me would agree with the theory that I probably have some black blood running through my veins. I don’t just love African music… I feel it. I love getting down to it. And those who know me even better would know that I sat there throughout the whole performance, dreaming of being on that stage. Spectator Schmectator – I wanted to be part of the performance. I so missed my calling. I wanted to be there in that spotlight, wearing that fluffly lil’ thing on my ass and shaking it about like there is no tomorrow.

They started off with Kwela which progressed into Kwela Jazz and covered songs like The Click Song, Pata Pata, Mama Tembu’s Wedding, African Dream, Diamonds on the soles of my shoes (my favourite!), Jabulani, One Love  and many more.

My absolute favourite part of the evening was the positive message they delivered in close. A message of unity and of hope for all South Africans. Great timing.

*Gary – our friend that’s very into rock.

By Elzet

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