How do you know when you love someone? I asked Jeremy this question about 10 years ago when we were still dating because the words “in love” seemed so intangible at that point and my left-brain needed a logical explanation of the term.

“Well, it’s when you feel like you would do absolutely anything for that person”, he said. And although I can’t remember where we were at the time or when exactly it was, I’ll never forget those words. I can’t. You see, I am reminded of it every day…. I know this is kinda sounding like a soppy post, but please bear with me, I hardly ever write soppy stuff guys. Suck it up (I wanted to add Biiiiiiiatch onto the end of that but thought it may offend some readers).

I just had to share this one thing with you – The other night, after arriving home after a late Cape Town flight, Jeremy grabbed his headtorch and headed down to the office, crawled under the desk and went to see if he could diagnose my computer woes. When I saw him hunched under the desk, I smiled, sighed contentedly, and then grabbed the camera  to document what a lucky girl I am. And that’s the soppy story over…Ta-daa!

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