By now we all know that Eugene Terre’blanche was killed by two of his farm workers and although he was a well-known political figure in South Africa, I doubt many a tear will be shed over his death. While his followers may believe that he fought a worthy cause, many believe that he was responsible for a wholelotta noise but that he didn’t achieve much politically.

It may be coincidence that he was killed around the same time that Malema decided to start singing like a bird. The song “shoot the boer” apparently means “kill apartheid” (which I thought we did a number of years ago). Eugene was the icon of “apartheid”. Was.

Or maybe not. Maybe Jules’ hate speech did influence his attackers or at least planted a seed. Who knows. Point is that Julius Malema should learn to play by the rules. I am so gatvol of hearing the words “apartheid” or “black & white”.


Those still living this oppressed lifestyle should get with the programme. Move on, for crying out loud. S-n-a-p   o-u-t   o-f    i-t.

What we wouldn’t give for a youth leader with character like Mandela. Just give us someone who has the country’s best interest at heart (opposed to their own). Someone with vision.

What are your thoughts on this?

By Elzet

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