As you are all probably well aware, we have the Easter weekend coming up.

So for all those Gautengers who are fighting the queues at The Rand Show to see the latest and greatest merchandise, perving over the fleet of brand spanking new Bayliners sitting pretty in the lake or simply indulging in the vast array of international cuisine.


For those taking it easy with a chilled bevi , sharing a roaring fire with your nearest and dearest. Where steaks, boerie and sosasties are the order of the day-I know that’s what I will be doing.


Let’s not forget that it is an extremely important weekend for Christianity. Christians everywhere will be at their local church paying homage to the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter what you do this weekend as long as are happy and you stay safe while doing it. So from the Phuthu Girls to all of you, we hope that you enjoy your long weekend and have a great Easter!

I would like to end on quoting an extremely important, insightful revelation, that I think everybody out there can benefit from, this weekend-

“Remember, this is the only time you have an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you like, so make the most of it. “

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