Whilst not as exhilarating as mountain biking, hiking still has its good points, especially when you’re pregnant:

1. You don’t have to carry a backpack – hubby carries it all

2. You get to stop a lot – We just couldn’t risk peanut getting into oxygen debt now could we. It has absolutely nothing to do with me being unfit or anything.

3. The hikes are not too long – again we wouldn’t want peanut (actually it’s more like a cashew nut) to get into oxygen debt.

4. You get to stop and eat at the top!

We went to Shongweni this weekend and before we could even get to the rocky path that led us up to the cliff, we had to walk through the Dam Wall tunnel. Well, I did a seriously fast, crouched, run-walk because there were spiders, big ones, along the entire length of the tunnel which was lit sporadically with 60 watt bulbs. It was spooky but I suppose it could have been worse – bats, snakes and toads also like dark places. Aaargh! Needless to say that on our way back, I had no qualms about wading through the river to get back to the other side. :)

This is the stopping and eating part I was referring to in point 4 above.

This is the dozing off part which I failed to mention in the list above,..

And this is going back down the path – I love working with gravity. The building in the top part of the picture is the dam wall – beautiful on the outside but prime real estate for orange and black spiders on the inside….

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