“A defiant ANC has vowed to push for the continued singing of controversial liberation struggle songs for “generations to come” so that memories of the past can be preserved.” – Times Live

I am really struggling to get this. What good can it possibly bring to this country to constantly be reminded of a past that no-one is proud of? And that by singing offensive, racist songs. This is not rocket science:

Negative Past + Daily Reminders of this Past = Bitterness and Resentment.

Personally, I seriously question the competence, intelligence and maturity of Mantashe. Tunnel vision?

I was under the impression that South Africa is trying very hard to move on; away from it’s past to get to a place where we can all move forward in unity. If we continue to sing songs like “shoot the Boer”, we might as well go back to using that hateful K-word. Doesn’t make sense now, does it – we have come so far. Racist songs – in any form – will only stir up old emotions and prolong that bitter taste in the mouths of those who are singing it; making it difficult for them to move forward in forgiveness.

“Any nation that doesn’t know where it comes from  will never know where it is going,” said Mantashe.

Memories of the past can be preserved by giving the future generation a solid history lesson without influencing them negatively – we are working on a better future here, remember. And if you really want to impact the youth positively (which is the aim, isn’t it?), add to this history lesson how South Africans overcame this struggle and how we are now working together to ensure a good future for all South Africans.


By Elzet

Reference: Times Live

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