The City of Cape Town is planning on selling green electricity. Now that sounds great, doesn’t it? Like in, positive and the-right-thing-to-do. I just don’t have a cooking clue what the term green electricity means. Can’t help but wonder if one can smoke it? Between mothering my children, wifing my husband, trying to save the human race from itself (myself included) and walking the road less travelled, I haven’t had time to ponder the term green electricity. So I turn to Louise, “Do you know what the term green electricity means?” Nah, she says a bit puzzled.

Over to my BFF, Google:

Green electricity is electricity produced from sources such as solar, wind and wave power. These are the green alternatives for conventional electricity which uses fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. Fossil fuels contribute to the very present global warming crisis, which means we should all follow Cape Town’s lead and go green or go home.

Trust the Mother City to be the first – way to go, Cape Town!

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