I’m in a mood for a happy post today – brings back memories of the song Shiny, Happy People by REM – Give’t a listen:

Aaaanyway, back to the happy post. Louise and Kerry have been away for a bit and I’m about to leave the comfort of my home to embark on a family trip over Easter. What is the best thing about being a jetsetter? Getting back home. There is nothing quite like it, is there?

What I miss the most when I go away are my puppies. So the best thing about coming home is seeing them again. As we drive around the corner and come up to our house we can already see the dogs waiting for us, tails wagging, the best welcome home you can ever receive. As we open the gates, it’s pandemonium for at least half an hour with lots of loves and greetings and conversations…. yes, our dogs talk. Once everything has settled down to a slow panic, we sit back and relax, the dogs passed out by our feet and everything is good again. The second best thing about coming home is being able to sleep in our own bed, absolute heaven when you climb between the cool crisp sheets and put you head down on your favourite pillow. I think a lot of people dread leaving their holiday destination to return home to face the responsibilities of life, but the truth is, Neil and I love it, although we have enjoyed our time away, there is no place like home.

Loving home the way I do, I’m almost sad to leave – this does fortunately depend on the destination. If I’m about to go to Rustenburg, I dig my heels in quite deep and pout a pout that will leave ol’ Ange (Jolie) pant for more. But if we’re talking Tuscany or Turkey, home is the last thing on my mind. Getting back is always good, though. As we get close to home, I get filled with a loving mushiness so intense it even overwhelms my man. All the green on our way home (KZN) just enhances the anticipation of seeing my beloved home once again. Nothing beats walking through that front door. My stuff, my own bed and pillows and throwing things about my way. It fits like a glove. My home is sweet, indeed.

I love coming home to grocery packers, petrol attendants, cleaners, gardeners and most of all – good weather. Travelling overseas always makes me realise how lucky we are to live in SA. They say you shouldn’t “convert” the prices when you’re overseas but I can’t help it. SA is so cheap for so many things and it’s always great to get back and whip out the Rands and know that you’re getting value for money. Besides that, I love SA for its strict smoking laws! Having recently been to Austria, we discovered that every pub, restaurant or public place for that matter, is a free for all and we subsequently got smoked out everywhere we went…aaaaarggh! I just love my home and to be honest I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather live than right here in sunny South Africa.

A happy post, yes? What do you miss most when you’re away from home?

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