Life happens, and because of this we are resorting to a quickie today.

Definition of the word quickie: 

* quickie (kwikē)
Informal anything done or made quickly; specif.,

  1. a movie made quickly and cheaply
  2. a quick post written for the sake of getting a post up
  3. a hurriedly consumed drink of alcoholic liquor
  4. a hasty sexual act done while trying to figure out if one would overstep any moral boundary if one would charge one’s partner for this favour, especially in the light of the upcoming shoe sale at one’s favourite shoe shop

Question to the Phuthu Girls: What is on your mind today?


  1. So much to do, so little time. For the last 24 hours it doesn’t matter what I do, but all I can think about is the stupid bloody table decor for my wedding, I can’t seem to come up with a solution and until I do I will keep mulling it over and over and over and over
  2. On a positive note, I was happy to wake up this morning without a headache, normally brought on by sinus, absolute bonus.


  1. Peanut Butter on toast. The cornerstone of a healthy pregnancy.
  2. Malware attacks. Could you please just be on your merry way now?
  3. Yoga. Loving the whole mind & body workout.
  4. Peanut Butter on toast…already said that one.
  5. Excited. We’re going to Cape Town this weekend  -  my husband is riding in the Argus for which he hasn’t got an entry for. Anybody??
  6. Malware attacks. Don’t make me repeat myself.
  7. Cooking. Got so many new recipes to try..and then share with you!!
  8. Oh shucks. I’m actually going to be a mom.
  9. Eeeeeeek!
  10. Double eeeeeek!


  1. My dad’s health… wondering if there is any way I can control this. Something I’m really good at: Controling stuff.
  2. Why people do not RSVP. It really makes me miff. It’s good manners so hit that damn reply button.
  3. Friends. Those ones that are in your life forever and those ones that enter your life for a season only. And the wisdom to know the difference.
  4. My upcoming birthday. The Big Four-Oh… and how this influences my upcoming pensioner status.

Let us know what is on your mind today. C’mon, spit it out!

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