The anti-climax following Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address has left hundreds of thousands of South Africans feeling frustrated and totally demoralised with their government. Not only do we have a philanderer as a president, but an administration that seems to be hell bent on running this country into the ground.

With all the vague meaningless promises, the South African people are looking to take a stand which would force Jacob Zuma to sit up and actually work for his position as our country’s leader. People have finally woken up to the fact that they deserve better than the meagre scraps that the ANC are providing, Hallelujah!

Dirk Hermann, deputy head of Solidarity, said that a campaign has been launched to get South Africans to send an e-mail directly to Zuma to highlight the severity of the crime problem in the country.

This happened after Zuma, in his most important speech as president yet, failed to provide concrete plans to deal with South Africa’s biggest problem: crime.

Only 2% (120 words) of his speech of about an hour, was spent on how his government will be fighting crime this year.

Hermann said that Solidarity wants “thousands of South Africans to stand together against crime. We want to send the government a clear message that we won’t rest until crime is the number one priority.”

Ok, this is how you do it, there are two methods-

  • Go to
  • You enter your email, name and telephone number
  • Click on the submit button, and a standard response displayed in the main window will be sent through to the powers that be.

The second option

  • You can type out a personalised email message, which can be emailed to the following address-, it is my understanding that your emails will then be sent directly to The President’s inbox.

Mr President, the time of a transitional government is over, you would think that 20 years is long enough to get your ‘stuff’ together. There are no more excuses, now get on with it and sort out our beautiful country.


By: Kerry

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