Why, oh why is it that there is nothing but the warm southern ocean happening in Durban? It’s all happening in Jozi or Cape Town.

Is it something we said?

If you have a look-see at Computicket, for example, you will notice that every festival or music/stage performance takes place in either one of these two sister cities but there is a heavily pregnant silence once you get to the Durban category. We don’t want to overreact and in the process come across as being overly sensitive but hey, we do have feelings. I can just imagine how the people in Koster must feel!

I have some solid facts to back it up (a skill I’ve learned through married life):

Current shows:

Dance performances
Jhb: 25
Cape Town: 8
Durban: 1

Jhb: 36
Cape Town: 11
Durban: 7

Jhb: 187
Cape Town: 138
Durban: 45

I rest my case.

With Durbs being the spiciest city in this beautiful country of ours, we love different local flavours, so please don’t exclude us. Once we leave the woodwork and the surf, we are actually quite social. An’all.

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