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Lance Armstrong to take part in the Argus

If you’re a cycling fan, you’ll probably already know that Lance Armstrong will be taking part in the Pick ‘n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour in March. Yup, it’s true. Lance announced it on the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter,  last week. I got terribly excited when I heard about it, not because it’s likely that we’ll catch a glimpse of him but just because he’ll be here, in our beautiful country, supporting a race close to many South African’s hearts. And if you’ve ever had a look at his Twitter profile, you’ll realise this guy is not afraid of travelling – it’s almost as impressive as his cycling, seriously. So I’m chuffed SA finally made it onto his busy travel schedule!

He’ll be riding with South African Daryl Impey who is also part of Lance’s new RadioShack team. Although Lance said he would be racing the event “Dave Bellairs said at a media briefing in Sandton on Tuesday that he believed the American would take it easy on race day, and he was unsure in which batch he would start.”

My husband and I are doing the Argus too which I’m really looking forward to. I just love Cape Town…aaaah!


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